Federal Street Pain Clinic is a multi-disciplinary pain clinic located at 73 Federal St, North Hobart. It is a collaboration between:
Specialist Pain Medicine Physician with a fellowship from the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Dr Chris Orlikowski; Highly skilled Physiotherapists of Insight Physio who are members of the Australian College of Physiotherapists – Isa Woermann-Dreyer and Des O’Shaughnessy, and; Persistent Pain Psychologists, Brad Mertens and Hannah Smith.


The Federal Street Pain Clinic is an inter-disciplinary pain clinic that provides a team approach to the management of patients – we understand that all aspects of experiencing pain must be recognised and managed for best outcomes. We spend the time to fully understand you and your pain picture. We draw on this biopsychosocial assessment, research and years of practical experience to help you identify what’s limiting your recovery, and what are the skills you have. With this, we can find long term solutions to the mental and physical impacts of pain, and move towards the life you want to live.


Some of the strategies, which will be individualised for every patient may include:

  • Determining the reasons why improvements have been slow
  • Review of current pain medications and making appropriate changes
  • Education on the physiological changes associated with chronic pain
  • Building the right mindset and emotional skills to learn successful self-management strategies
  • Stepped programmes to develop increases in weekly physical activity
  • Setting up personalised exercise programmes
  • Design of long-term strategies to cope with the pain that is ongoing
  • Consideration of interventional pain procedures as appropriate and these may include injections, infusions, or neuromodulation
  • Referral onward to other specialist branches of medicine as needed